Zebra locks the target “Zaniolo”, representing Dybala.

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Juventus are reportedly considering Roma midfielder Nicolo Zaniolo. As a replacement for Paulo Dybala, who may not extend his contract with the

28-year-old Dybala, a long-standing force for Juventus. Before reaching the remaining contract period for the last year. And it started to be reported. That the negotiations that seemed. To have been smooth before had some difficulties with no progress. And there is a chance that the players will leave the team as a free agent.

Recently, there was a report from Ufabet Web reveals that Juventus are considering the 22-year-old from Roma if Dybala decides not to extend his contract and leave the club this summer.

Juventus have identified Zaniolo as their top option to replace Dybala, should the Argentinian leave this summer. The plan revolves around the upcoming transfer window, as it would be impossible for them to secure his signature in the remaining two weeks of this month’s transfer market

Roma are looking to renew Zaniolo’s contract, which currently expires in 2024, and negotiations will resume in February, but there’s a chance that he won’t put pen to paper. And even if he does, Juventus would still look to sign the talented Italian forward anyway.

The team as well, but has a contract until 2024 and is having trouble negotiating a new contract. And it was reported that Roma may decide to release. The player if the news does not want to extend the contract.