Keane pointed is a problem with ghost culture. Affects the ‘Rashford’ form

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Roy Keane, an outspoken football guru and Red Devils legend, has insisted there must be something wrong with Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford. United and believe Something is missing in club culture

, with Rashford not helping the team in the 2-2 draw with Aston Villa in the league on Saturday. But he played in the FA Cup third round win over Steven Gerrard’s side last week. which the game England national team spearhead A disappointing performance,

Keane insists Rashford is in decline and believes the senior team’s players need to help their juniors.

“He has done amazing things over the years. Amazing on and off the field But now obviously something is wrong,” Keane told ufabet Sports after the game on Saturday.

“I watched him play on Monday night and thought. It’s like an open fire. but no one is home this child is missing Something went wrong.”

“Sometimes with young players it’s about confidence It could be from a competitive game. It could be something off the field.”

“The club has to help him. The senior players have to help the young players.

He is ready to help and give advice to the rising stars. But in the end, every player has to do it himself.

Keane believes that Ronaldo’s opinion. it shows Something is missing in club culture.

“I don’t think any player would dare to have a problem. If Ronaldo came out to stand at this point Of course, you can tell them one-on-one. But sometimes it has to be done through the media,” Keane said.

“However You hope the young players will look at Ronaldo. Some senior players Words I use in every club Especially with big clubs is “What’s the culture?”, “What’s it like at the training ground?”

“Young players like Sancho, Rashford, Greenwood, are they still looking at some of the senior players? You hope the senior players are a good example.”

“Maybe not all of them. and maybe just some young players That may not be so quick to do more special things later. And that’s the little detail that you have to improve.

Taff If these things are not correct You’ll notice it.”

“For me, something is missing at Manchester United.”

“We’re talking about Sancho, what happened to Rashford, Man United have to find out. That’s part of the responsibility when you work with good young players.”