Gabon confirms Aubameyang return to guns amid heart problems

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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been allowed to withdraw from the Gabon national team. In the Africa Cup of Nations tournament in Cameroon to return to Arsenal Coming back to recover from Covid-19,

As well as Mario Lemina. For the same reason as the star artillery team.

from medical problems that Pierre-Emerick and Mario are experiencing, the team of doctors, the president of the Federation. and the player himself Agreed to send them back to the club to take care of there,” Gabon head coach Patrice Nevu confirmed at the Press Conference. ufabet report

Aubameyang and Lemina had tested positive for coronavirus. After arriving in Cameroon, four days before AFCON’s first match,

Both tested negative and are set. To return to assist in the second leg. Of their 1-1 draw with Ghana on Friday. To play because his health tests showed he had a heart problem, which was the impact of COVID-19.

Nevu denies there is anything to worry about after fears players may develop heart inflammation after an infection. Even the union decided to allow the couple to return the club to return to recuperate and check your symptoms carefully whether

Gabon will play the last match of the first round showed Morocco Tuesday where a draw was enough to send them round to knock out further

for. Aubameyang hasn’t played for Arsenal since December 6. Disciplined after the club Returned to practice later than scheduled after returning to take care of her sick mother.