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True or not? “Cotton buds” should not be used to clean the ears?

Everyone probably knows “cotton buds” already. Because in addition to being used to wipe ears We shake each other’s ears regularly. It can also be used to clean many small, narrow areas, such as cleaning wounds. Clean the navel Or even wipe off eyeliner while women wash their faces. or putting on makeup But

7 divine benefits of “Okra” that you may not know

If you say that Japanese people really like to eat okra, Will everyone believe it? Eat fresh and use in various dishes. Various other menu items Going to Vietnam They also serve fresh okra to grill and eat. Not only does it taste good. But it’s because of its cool properties. This

Atalanta 1 – Inter Milan 2

Inter Milan continued to produce a luxurious performance, defeating Atalanta 2-1, maintaining their position at the top for another week. Italian Serie A football Atalanta 1 – Inter Milan 2 Stadium: Gewiss Stadium There were hardly any opportunities for either team to report in the early

Jurgen Klopp receives a shot-feed as Henderson.

Jurgen Klopp insists Liverpool want to keep Jordan Henderson at the club. But he doesn’t want to get in the way for the midfielder to remain compelled to stay with the team. The 33-year-old midfielder came under fire for his move to Al Ettifaq. With many

Bayern CEO thanks Sabitzer.

Marcel Sabitzer has joined Borussia Dortmund from Bayern Munich this summer. Before the CEO of the Southern Tigers thanked and blessed the 29-year-old midfielder football. Bayern Munich CEO Jan-Christian Driesen thanked and blessed Marcel Sabitzer after the 29-year-old moved to Borussia Dortmund. This summer for around